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{Hot Off the Press} Get your bear hugs!

We can “bearly” contain our excitement about these little guys! It’s that lovetacular time of year again where hearts, pink, purple, and red flood the store aisles with sweet confections and yummy candyliciousness.  We puffy heart gummy bears in a huge way and wanted to make a DIY Valentine printable to honor these colorful little gummy guys and gals. (Party side note: Have you ever heard of Boozy Bears?! You have to check them out below… They will change your life.)    These little bears fit perfectly on small treat bags of the candy or goodie of your choice and make a fun, unique gift for your special Valentine.  Bear hugs are waiting for you here!

And if you ever want something absolutely fun and easy to make to bring to your next get together, check out this drunken gummy bear recipe! We love making these for parties and always have the best time experimenting with new flavors! Our favorite so far is Coconut rum… a la Rummy Bears!  Have a favorite flavor? Let us know, we’d love to try it!

Here’s wishing you a beary special Valentine’s Day!

– Meagan xo

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