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    Graphic Sugar is a design blog with fabulous images, words, & ideas, along with a behind the scenes peek into the world of Warren Design Group, a husband & wife graphic design team living in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are passionate about our clients & all things design! So glad you found us! Welcome & Enjoy!!

Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby

Great balls of fire!… That’s right, it’s Top Gun! And not just any Top Gun, Top Gun 3-D in IMAX!  The planes are bigger, Tom Cruise is taller, and the need for speed is off the charts!  This one week only special re-release is coming to town & we’re off to find that loving feeling.

Custom Poster by Edgar Ascensão

Vine Tasting: WDG is now on Vine!

Just when you think your social media clown finally has a handle on his juggling, along comes a pretty green ball that throws everything into chaos, knocking him down, throwing the elephants into stampede, and destroying the dancing bears’ Gangnam style routine…. Yes, we’re talking about Vine.  We will say though, that even though it is yet one more social media platform to keep up with, it is kind of cool!

What is it Vine, you ask? It is simply a short 6 second looping video, kind of like a living Instagram.  You can share your videos with others, and post them to Facebook & Twitter.  The real catch is, as of now, they are uneditable, so you have to put on your Spielberg hat & think creatively.  Currently, Vine is only available on iPhone but is on the way to Android & others!

See it in action as we take our Instagram photo from still life to short Oscar nominated how-to video 😉

Shameless plug: If you’re interested in taking some of the magic you just saw home with you, our Valentine wine tag printables are available in our Etsy store!:)

{Hot off the Press} Valentine Wine Tags

It’s February, the month of Cupid, hearts, roses, and wine… We were inspired by the latter for these new Valentine printables, now available in our Etsy Shop.

Pinot? Zinfandel? Chardonnay? Whatever your palate, these fit most any wine bottle!  Add your own special message to the back & you have the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that that special someone!